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We know you love your existing tools. Whether it's your notebook or your task manager. Just keep using them as always.


We know how to talk to various online tools and we'll make sure your data stays in sync. No more manual work.


You don't have to change your ways for us. We will adapt to your particular habit of marking tasks.


Just finished one meeting and you're off to another? Don't worry. All your actions will appear in your task manager the minute you save your notes.


Ever forgot to follow up on an action point? That will never happen again. Free your mind and focus on what really matters to you.


Time is too valuable to waste it on routine housekeeping. Spend it the way you like while we handle the boring stuff.

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10 projects
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50.000 paragraphs
2.000 tasks
Billed Annually
unlimited projects
unlimited notes
unlimited paragraphs
unlimited tasks
Billed Annually

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Frequently Asked Questions
How exactly does the service work?

It's actually quite simple from your perspective. Notembo looks at every paragraph inside your notes and identifies the ones that contain an actionable item. When it finds one, it creates an appropriate task in your task manager.

How do you identify actionable items?

This is something that is closely connected to the way you work. Therefore, Notembo gives you a couple of options and you can choose any combination that works. The setup is quite intuitive so just give it a try and see what works for you.

What if I change my note later?

Notembo is ready for that. Whenever one of your notes changes, it is inspected again and all changes are correctly propagated. That means new tasks are added, existing ones are updated and the ones that disappeared are deleted.

But, what if I made a change in my task manager?

Don't worry. We will not overwrite or delete any changes that you made yourself in the task manager. In cases like that, we will create a new copy of the task and let you resolve it as you see fit.

What about privacy and security of my data?

We at Notembo take your privacy and security very seriously. You can check our Privacy Policy for details. But briefly summarized - we only process your data for the purpose of identifying tasks and synchronizing them. We will not steal, misuse or sell any of your content. Period.

How do the limits work?

It's quite straightforward. We count the number of non-empty paragraphs in the notes in scope and the number of tasks we manage in your task manager. When you reach the limit, we pause the sync and send you a notification via e-mail so that you can either upgrade your plan or finetune your scope.

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